Calculate Monthly Loan Payments

If you're thinking about borrowing to pay for college, this calculator can provide you an estimate of what your monthly payments could be based on figures you input below.

Many students choose to borrow each year to help cover tuition and other expenses. If you are borrowing for a one-time expense, select the "one-time" option below. For the most accurate calculation, change "years in school" to match your remaining years in school.

 Financial Education

GCC students may borrow up to $12,000 per year during freshman and sophomore years. Students may borrow up to $17,000 per year during their junior and senior years. The total loan maximum is $58,000.


Full Deferment *


* Grove City College students borrow using "full deferment," meaning that you pay no loan principal or interest while in school. However, interest does accrue on your loans during deferment.

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